Centrum biznesowe Pazim Offices in the center of Szczecin
and in Świnoujście!
Centrum Biznesowe Pazim A nice place for an office or open space! Pazim - powierzchnie biurowe do wynajęcia Discounts
for tenants!
Panorama Szczecina i Pazim A beautiful view of Szczecin Panorama
from your office!

→ Great location

A prestigious space for your business in the heart of Szczecin

→ Offices from 20 m2

A large selection of premises - from the smallest to large commercial spaces

→ Flexibility

Almost any arrangement of the office space is possible!

Pazim Szczecin

Small office space for rent

We rent offices, from 20 to 60 m2. Regardless of the part of the building in which the premises is located, adjacent rooms can be connected by demolishing plasterboard walls or installing doors in them. Depending on your needs, you can create both a layout for an office, as well as open space. It is an ideal solution for companies that are expanding their business and want to gradually expand the rented office space.

Pazim Szczecin

Open Space for rent

Direct access to local, provincial and central government offices, a great location in the heart of Szczecin and a commercial environment are all prime considerations when looking for premises to lease. Pazim combines attractive office, dining, hotel and banking facilities in one convenient location with excellent transport links. Plus, you’ll be in in good company: well-established enterprises including the Polish Steamship Company, Unity Line and many more have already made Pazim their home.

Pazim Świnoujście

Offices, commercial and warehouse space in Świnoujście

We rent office premises, as well as commercial and warehouse space in Świnoujście, near the ferry terminal.

24-hour parking

The building has a 2-level underground car park with security

Ikona dostęność

The building is adapted for the disable

Ikona komfort

All offices come with air-conditioning, automatic fire alarms and kitchens

Ikona bezpieczeństwo

The entire Pazim complex has security and CCTV to ensure the safety of tenants and visitors

Ikona recepcja
24-hour reception

This allows you to leave your keys and get whole-day access to your office

Ikona internet

We provide fast internet connections to every office

Ikona przyjazny zwierzętom
Pet friendly

Pets are allowed in the office building

Ikona sala konferencyjna
Conference room

We have a fully equipped conference room at our tenants' disposal

Pazim - biurowiec w Szczecinie

A wide range of services in Pazim Centre!


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70-419 Szczecin, Poland

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